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Wandering Waters

A small selection of all-over photoprints for SS2011


Earth Tribute 03

Tribute to our planet. I hope to give You some inspiration with the color collages of Earth Tribute. A moment to be thankful for the beautiful materials & colors of nature’s resources. We are earth.
Credits images Earth Tribute 03: Webshot, Lyra Belize, Ayn Baldwin Riele

Earth Tribute 02

Earth Tribute invites You to go on adventure, rediscover the treasures of mother nature.
Credits images Earth Tribute 02: Elle Magazine, Another Magazine, Gabriel Jeffrey (Burning Man),Webshots

Club Couture, Raak

An allover print I made for a collection of Club Couture by Raak Amsterdam.
Worth wile to visit the beautiful store at Leidsestraat 79, Amsterdam

Earth Tribute 01

Deeply inspired by the reflections of what nature brings us:
Credits Images Earth Tribute 01: Vogue Italia, Another Magazine, Keith Tyson, Pantone, Charlotte Prinsen

Inspiration Black&White

The contrast of Black & White keeps intriguing.
A selection of images with emotion, graphics, shadow, movement & instinct to get inspired by.
Credits: Galliano, Vogue-Tiffany&Co, Objekt, AgnesB, Puck&Hans, Elle Magazine